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SIR Estimation in Hexagonal Cellular Networks with Best Server Policy

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The evaluation of the Signal to Interference Ratio (SIR) in cellular networks is of primary importance for network dimensioning. For static studies, which evaluate cell capacity and coverage, as well as for dynamic studies, which consider arrivals and departures of mobile stations (MS), the SIR is always an important input. Contrary to most of the analytical works evaluating SIR, we assume in this paper that the MS is attached to the best server, i.e., to the base station (BS) from which it receives the highest power. This is a more realistic policy compared to the classical one that considers MSs to be attached to the nearest BS. The exact formulation of the SIR is however in this case uneasy to handle and numerical methods remain heavy. In this paper, we thus propose an approximate analytical study on the average SIR and SIR distribution in lognormally shadowed networks based on truncated lognormal distributions that provides very close results with respect to Monte Carlo simulations.

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  • SIR estimation
  • Cellular networks
  • Best server
  • Lognormal shadowing
  • SIR distribution
  • SIR approximation
  • Truncated lognormals