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Comments and Further Results on ‘Performance Evaluation of a New BPSK-OFDM Timing Estimation Algorithm’

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This comment first points out some inaccurate formulae and irrelevant comparisons between Wen’s algorithm and Beek’s one. Then, the correct formulae are provided, the limitations of these two estimators are discussed and some investigations on the local maximum in timing estimation are also presented. Both the simulation and the analysis demonstrate that the timing precision of Wen’s algorithm highly depends on the length of cyclic prefix (CP) and the channel fading rate. On the other hand, Beek’s algorithm will work better under a large CP length and in fast fading channels.

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Hua, J., Meng, L., Xu, Z. et al. Comments and Further Results on ‘Performance Evaluation of a New BPSK-OFDM Timing Estimation Algorithm’. Wireless Pers Commun 49, 149–159 (2009). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11277-008-9563-5

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