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Robust Recursive H DOA Estimation Using Spatial Forward Linear Predictor

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This letter deals with robust direction of arrival (DOA) estimation based on the recursive H algorithm for the forward linear predictor. This recursive H criterion is different from traditional H 2 estimation criterions which minimize the squared prediction error. The forward linear predictor with recursive H algorithm is a worst case optimization approach, which minimizes the total effect of the worst disturbances on the prediction error. Some computer simulation examples are provided for illustrating the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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Chang, A., Hsu, C. & Su, I. Robust Recursive H DOA Estimation Using Spatial Forward Linear Predictor. Wireless Pers Commun 46, 451–462 (2008). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11277-008-9446-9

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  • Antenna array
  • Direction of arrival
  • Forward linear predictor
  • H algorithm