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Ultra-Wideband and Uni-Directional Radiation Slot Antenna for Multi-Band Wireless Communication Applications

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In this paper, a ultra-wideband slot antenna is proposed and developed for multi-band wireless communication applications. The radiating slot is fed by a microstrip line with a microstrip fork shaped tuning stub and backed by a finite metallic reflector. The frequency characteristic and radiation performance of the proposed antenna are successfully optimized and the related prototypes are fabricated and tested. The measured results show that the impedance bandwidth can cover the band from 1.85 to 6.1 GHz with return loss of better than 10 dB. The obtained patterns display a high gain and uni-directional radiation patterns within interested bands. With these features, the proposed structure is suitable for application in wireless communication systems, where a single antenna is needed to operate at multi-bands simultaneously, such as PCS (1.85–1.99 GHz), UMTS (1.92–2.17 GHz) and all WLAN bands (2.4–2.48 GHz, and IEEE802.11a WLAN applications: 5.15–5.35 and 5.725–5.825 GHz).

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  • slot antenna
  • multi-frequency bands
  • omni-directional radiation