Implementing IoT/WSN based smart Saskatchewan Healthcare System

  • Adeniyi OnasanyaEmail author
  • Sari Lakkis
  • Maher Elshakankiri


The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has recently experienced popularity and growth in every facet of life, and it has been applied to every industry in recent years. The healthcare system has not been left out of the equation, where various services are considered toward improved healthcare and patient delivery. It is important to emphasize that related literature on the applications of IoT in healthcare explored various services on an individual basis without considering the consolidated services as we have introduced. Here, the consolidation of those services proffers improved healthcare delivery, which impacts and collaborates in an IoT-based healthcare environment. In this paper, we have utilized the newly formed Saskatchewan Health Authority comprising of various healthcare regions as our case study. In essence, we have proposed a Smart Saskatchewan Healthcare System based on IoT technology in the context of four services, namely: business analytics and cloud services, cancer care services, emergency services, and operational services. Further, the paper highlights the design implementation of a smart healthcare system for the province of Saskatchewan for enhanced electronic medical record initiative and also to augment and support the existing healthcare delivery options to ensure the quality of life of patients by integrating IoT technology and other pertinent technologies in the contexts of those services. It also features IoT-based network mapping, designs, methodologies, frameworks, architectures, platforms, and applications for the IoT based solution for all connected things (network resources and sites) towards efficient healthcare delivery. We have combined all these services to foster faster and more efficient healthcare delivery. We have also alluded that the stream of patient health data generated by the IoT smart/connected devices will be helpful in decision making and gaining insights. The operational challenges and security concerns pertinent to the design of the smart healthcare system are discussed. Lastly, from the design network solutions, it is evident to admit that the solution arguments and delivers improved healthcare delivery using IoT/WSN technologies.


Business analytics Cancer care services Emergency services Operational services IoT Healthcare system 


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