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MIMO solution for performance improvements of OFDM–CDMA system with pilot tone


In this paper, MIMO OFDM–CDMA downlink scheme is proposed as a solution for improving performance of the OFDM–CDMA downlink system with pilot tone and threshold detection combining (optimum TDC). The new presented system with MIMO included uses space–time block coding applied to two, three and four transmit antennas and it has an arbitrary number of receive antennas. Bit error rate performance in the case of Ricean frequency selective fading is evaluated for the original system as well as for the one with MIMO included. For that reason an adequate simulation model is developed. The results show that the proposed system significantly outperforms the OFDM–CDMA downlink system with pilot tone and optimum TDC.

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The results presented in this paper are part of the “Improving the concept of MIMO communications in cellular networks of the next generations” research project, funded by Montenegrin Ministry of Science.

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Correspondence to Ugljesa Urosevic.

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Urosevic, U., Veljovic, Z. & Pejanovic-Djurisic, M. MIMO solution for performance improvements of OFDM–CDMA system with pilot tone. Wireless Netw 19, 2021–2028 (2013).

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  • MIMO
  • OFDM
  • CDMA
  • BER performance