Activation of a calcium-dependent protein kinase involved in the Azospirillum growth promotion in rice

  • Claudia M. Ribaudo
  • José A. Curá
  • María L. Cantore
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Rice seedlings (Oryza sativa) inoculated with the plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria Azospirillum brasilense FT326 showed an enhanced development of the root system 3 days after inoculation. Later on, a remarkable enlargement of shoots was also evident. An increase in the Ca2+-dependent histone kinase activity was also detected as a result of inoculation. The biochemical characterization and Western-blot analysis of the kinase strongly supports the hypothesis that it belongs to a member of the rice CDPK family. The fact that the amount of the protein did not change upon inoculation seems to indicate that a posttranslational activation is responsible for the change in the enzymatic activity. An in-gel kinase experiment identified a 46 kDa CDPK like protein kinase as a putative component of the signal transduction pathway triggered by Azospirillum inoculation. To our knowledge, this is the first report on the possible involvement of a Ca2+-dependent protein kinase in promotion of rice plants growth by A. brasilense.


Azospirillum Rice CDPK Lateral roots growth promotion 



We thank Dr. Norma L. Pucheu for critical reading of the manuscript. This work was supported by grants from the Universidad de Buenos Aires to C.M.R (UBACyT PDE03) and to J.A.C (200020130100161BA).

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  • José A. Curá
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  • María L. Cantore
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