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Changes in the publication system for World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

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The World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology was founded in 1985 as the MIRCEN Journal. It assumed its present name in 1990. In keeping with many other journals published by Springer, the journal is moving to Continuous Article Publishing (CAP) with effect from January 2016. This will not involve authors making any changes to their present system of submission, but it will lead to considerably expedited publication time by publishing the article in an online issue within 2 weeks after acceptance. This will avoid the long delay before the accepted paper appears in a print issue, and will result in the disappearance of both the printed version of the journal and Online First.

The articles after acceptance and correction will now appear online in groups at monthly intervals. It may take our authors and readers some time to get used to the idea that after 30 years their work will no longer appear in print on paper, but this is the universal trend for scientific publication and is an inevitable development. It also means that all articles will now appear with full colour figures, rather than the black-and-white illustrations of the printed version.

The Editors-in-Chief hope that our authors and readers will find this speeding up of publication attractive and increase our popularity. There will be some small changes to the way that references to papers in the CAP journal are cited; page numbers will not be used for article citation, but every article will have a citation ID number, called the ArticleCitationID. For more information and detailed examples, please check the journal homepage at Springer.com.

We take this opportunity to thank all our authors, reviewers and editors for their invaluable services and hope that the new series of commissioned reviews will also enhance readers’ interest in the journal.

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