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L(+) Lactate production from carbohydrates and lignocellulosic materials by Rhizopus oryzae UMIP 4.77

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The lactate excretion by Rhizopus oryzae on various carbohydrates was studied in order to assess the potential of lactate production from raw materials. Six collection strains were tested on ten commercial carbohydrates i.e. glucose, xylose, glycerol, sucrose, lactose, cellobiose, inulin, starch, cellulose and fructose in flask or stirred-tank bioreactor. On glucose and xylose, lactate was produced by R. oryzae UMIP 4.77 at 73 and 8 gL−1 respectively, indicating that lignocellulosic materials could be used as possible raw substrates. Two lignocellulosic substrates were therefore experimented in stirred-tank bioreactor with R. oryzae UMIP 4.77. The first one was hemicellulosic material, which is a concentrated C6 and C5 sugar solution resulting from washing of a steamed wheat straw sample. The second was cellulosic material, which is a partially-hydrolyzed unbleached pulp paper. In a simultaneous saccharification fermentation process, a final production of 24.1 gL−1 of lactate was obtained from cellulosic material.

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We are grateful to Nicolas Gutlé for his help in figure conception.

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