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Batch and Fixed-Bed Column Studies of Arsenic Adsorption on the Natural and Modified Clinoptilolite

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The samples of natural and iron-modified clinoptilolite (GC, Na-GC, Fe1-GC, and Fe2-GC) were assessed as adsorbent for arsenate removal by batch and column studies. The influences of retention time, pH, adsorbent dosage, and initial arsenate concentration on the arsenate adsorption efficiency were investigated. The experiments demonstrated that Fe1-GC has the highest arsenate removal efficiency with the adsorption capacity of 8.4 μg g−1 at equilibrium time of 60 min. Both the Fe1-GC and Fe2-GC removed arsenate effectively over the initial pH range 4–10. Adsorption capacity of Fe1-GC was adequately described by Freundlich isotherm. According to the results of the desorption performance experiments, the Fe1-GC was used six times until arsenic removal efficiency was reduced to 19 %. The adsorption percentage of arsenic increased with the diminish of initial concentration of arsenic and increase of adsorbent dose for all types of clinoptilolite. The column study demonstrated that Fe1-GC was achieved to reduce final arsenate of about 10 μg L−1 or below for up to 300 bed volumes in a continuous flow mode. The results of this study show that Fe1-GC can be used as an alternative adsorbent for arsenate removal.

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This study was supported by the Izmir Environmental Protection Foundation and the Scientific Research Projects of the Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey, under grant number 2005.KB.FEN.003.

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Correspondence to Meltem Bilici Baskan.

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