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Use of Granular Bentonite in the Removal of Mercury (II), Cadmium (II) and Lead (II) from Aqueous Solutions

  • Yolanda Fernández-Nava
  • Mihaela Ulmanu
  • Ildiko Anger
  • Elena Marañón
  • Leonor Castrillón


Granular bentonite has been assessed regarding its capacity to remove Hg(II), Cd(II) and Pb(II) from aqueous solutions. Sorption capacities, kinetics and the dependence of the sorption process on pH were determined. Fractional power, pseudo-first-order, pseudo-second-order and intra-particle diffusion equations were used to model the kinetics of metal adsorption. The pseudo-second-order model showed the best fit to experimental data. Different two-parameter sorption isotherm models (Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin and Dubinin–Radushkevich) were used to fit the equilibrium data. Freundlich's isotherm model gave the best fit to experimental data. The selectivity of granular bentonite towards these metals is Pb(II) > Cd(II) > Hg(II). The adsorption capacities of granular bentonite towards the metals expressed in milligramme metal per gramme granular bentonite are 19.45, 13.05 and 1.7 for Pb(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II), respectively (for an initial concentration of 100 mg metal/L).


Granular bentonite Mercury Cadmium Lead Adsorption kinetics Isotherm 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Yolanda Fernández-Nava
    • 1
  • Mihaela Ulmanu
    • 2
  • Ildiko Anger
    • 2
  • Elena Marañón
    • 1
  • Leonor Castrillón
    • 1
  1. 1.Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology Department, University Technology Institute of Asturias (IUTA)University of Oviedo, Gijón CampusGijónSpain
  2. 2.National R&D Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals, IMNRPantelimonRomania

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