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Photocatalytic Oxidation of Reactive Red 22 in Aqueous Solution Using La2Ti2O7 Photocatalyst

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This study was focused on the application of a highly doped layered perovskite, La2Ti2O7, as the photocatalyst for the photocatalytic decomposition of an azo dye, Reactive Red 22 (RR22). The temporal behavior of the photocatalytic decomposition of RR22 in aqueous solution by the UV/La2Ti2O7 with a batch photoreactor operated in a recirculation mode was studied under various operating conditions including solution pH, light intensity, and La2Ti2O7 loading. The decomposition of RR22 in aqueous solution by La2Ti2O7 photocatalytic process was found to be feasible. An empirical kinetic equation was developed for modeling the photocatalytic decomposition of RR22 in aqueous solution using UV/La2Ti2O7 photocatalytic processes.

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This research was financially supported in part by Grant NSC-95-2221-E01-053 from National Science Council, Taiwan, Republic of China.

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Correspondence to Young Ku.

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  • Perovskite
  • La2Ti2O7
  • Azo dye
  • RR22
  • Photocatalytic process