Water Resources Management

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Acknowledgement of Reviewers 2018


Please join us in thanking all those scientists and experts in the various fields represented in Water Resources Management for devoting time and effort to review the papers that we have been sending them. The Editor-in-Chief, the editorial board and publisher acknowledge the colleagues listed below for their excellent reviews of papers for which final decisions have been made during the period 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.

Vasan A

Aminuddin Ab Ghani

Nahlah Abbas

Abbasian Mohammadsadegh

Ahmed Abdelkader

Dina Abdelmoneim

Fadi Abdelradi

Amin Abdi

Saipol Bari Abd-Karim

Khodayar Abdollahi

Ali Abdullah

Shafika Abdullah

Rajesh Abhay

Edo Abraham

Moema Acselrad

Segun Michael Adelana

Adebayo Adeloye

Ekundayo Adepehin

Pradeep Adhikari

Haitham Afan

Abbas Afshar

Afshar Amirhosein Aghakhani

Mohammad Aghayi

V Agilan

Abdellatif Ahbari

Ishtiyaq Ahmad

Hafiz Ahmad

Asmadi Ahmad

A. Z. S. Ahmad Sabri

Mohammad Ahmadi

Mahmoud Ahmadpour

Ferdous Ahmed

Ali Ahmed

Mena Ahmed

Zhipin Ai

Xueshan Ai

Marofi Aida


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