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Assessment of Dam Overtopping Reliability using SUFI Based Overtopping Threshold Curve


Estimation of earth-fill dam height and dimension of spillway are strongly depend on accurate evaluation of dam overtopping reliability. Ideally, whole random and effective variables on overtopping should be considered for dam overtopping reliability assessment. However, taking into account all affecting random variables as well as overtopping reliability assessment using algorithms such as Monte Carlo (MC) could be excessively time consuming and impossible in some cases. In this study, new approach has been introduced as conditional reliability method and it has been tried to reduce the simulations time significantly by using combination of rainfall threshold theory, SUFI (Sequential Uncertainty Fitting) and MC methods. According two defined indexes, the obtain results shown, the relative error of new approach in computation of Jamishan dam overtopping reliability is less than 0.23%. Also, time saving in new method against to regular MC method is more than 87%. So, the new introduced method has more efficiency with acceptable accuracy for assessment of dam overtopping reliability. In addition, among hydrological and hydraulic uncertainties, hydrological uncertainties have more effect on overtopping reliability.

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  • Overtopping
  • Reliability
  • Monte Carlo
  • Uncertainty
  • SUFI