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Trends in Monthly Natural Streamflow in Romania and Linkages to Atmospheric Circulation in the North Atlantic

  • Marius-Victor BirsanEmail author


Natural and reconstructed monthly streamflow records from 172 river basins in Romania (143 with full records and 29 with less than 10 % missing values) have been analyzed for trends with the nonparametric Mann-Kendall test for the period 1956–2005. The statistical significance of trends was tested for each station on a monthly basis. Changes in the streamflow regime in Romania are demonstrated. The monthly flow presents upward trends from August to January, and predominantly downward trends from February to June. The most important changes are the increasing streamflow trends from September till November, which are well explained by the increase in autumn precipitation. The annual streamflow shows a dependence on latitude, with increasing trends in the northern part, and decreasing in the south. Strong negative correlations between the North Atlantic Oscillation and the mean annual streamflow have been found in western and southern Romania, highlighting the influence of the large-scale atmospheric circulation on Romanian annual streamflow in these areas, as well as the important orographic role of the Carpathian Mountains.


Natural flow regime Reconstructed streamflow Romania Mann-Kendall Monthly trends North Atlantic Oscillation 



Mrs. ing. Emilia Branescu from the Database and GIS Department of INHGA is kindly acknowledged for her valuable help on streamflow data. INHGA is Romania’s representative at WMO for the Hydrology domain. The comments and suggestions of two anonymous referees led to an improvement of the original manuscript.

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