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Management of Multipurpose Multireservoir Using Fuzzy Interactive Method

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In this paper a fuzzy interactive method is proposed for efficient management of multipurpose multireservoir problems. The proposed method provides an option to decision maker (DM) to work in an interactive manner to achieve the conflicting objectives as close to their desired values as is practically feasible. In each iteration, fuzzy membership functions of various objectives are framed and combined into a single objective using the product operator. The single objective nonlinear optimization model thus framed in each iteration is numerically solved using genetic algorithm. The solution provides the values of the objectives which can be actually achieved keeping in view their aspired values as provided by DM. At the end of each iteration, DM has the option to modify the aspired values of one or more objectives keeping in view the results obtained by the algorithm thus far. The algorithm is stopped when DM feels satisfied with the results. The working of the proposed method has been demonstrated on the mathematical model of a realistic multipurpose multireservoir system taken from literature.

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  • Reservoir operation
  • Multiobjective optimization
  • Fuzzy optimization
  • Interactive method
  • Irrigation and hydroelectric power generation