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Early effects of atmospheric ammonia deposition on Calluna vulgaris (L.) hull growing on an ombrotrophic peat bog


This paper reports data from a field study investigating the impacts of elevated ammonia (NH3) deposition on Calluna vulgaris growing on an ombrotrophic peat bog in S.E. Scotland. Shoot extension, foliar N concentrations, chlorophyll concentration and chlorophyll fluorescence were measured during the second growing season of exposure to a gradient of ammonia concentrations. Results indicate that NH3 increases growth between 150–200 kg N ha−1y−1 cumulative deposition. Foliar N content increased significantly in response to NH3 cumulative deposition up to 400 kg N ha−1 y−1 whereas chlorophyll a content significantly decreased. Measurements of Fv/Fm suggest that although NH3 exposure altered the growth and reduced chlorophyll a, the efficiency of photosystem II was insensitive to NH3-N deposition at this stage.

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Carfrae, J.A., Sheppard, L.J., Raven, J.A. et al. Early effects of atmospheric ammonia deposition on Calluna vulgaris (L.) hull growing on an ombrotrophic peat bog. Water Air Soil Pollut: Focus 4, 229–239 (2005).

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  • ammonia
  • Calluna vulgaris
  • chlorophyll
  • field simulation
  • foliar N concentration
  • photosystem II efficiency
  • shoot growth