Terry Gibson: Making Aid Agencies Work: Reconnecting INGOs with the People They Serve

Emerald Publishing, United Kingdom, 2019, 197 pp., notes, bibliography, index, $ 40.00
  • Dineo Shirley SeabeEmail author
Book Review

In this book, Terry Gibson uses his expertise and knowledge to achieve the objectives of providing a critical analysis of INGOs and proposing a radical agenda of how they can be transformed to serve the people they are intended to serve. The book raises critical questions. It answers them using both academic theory and empirical literature, as well as examples from the author’s own experience working in the aid sector in over 40 developing countries. In drawing from these multiple sources of knowledge, the book bridges the divide between theory and practice.

Gibson’s analysis begins with the evolution of the sector in Chapter 1 to answer the question, how have INGOs become what they are: hierarchal structures, delivering services dependent on government and institutional funding. The chapter points to historical, economic and political factors, which have moulded the organisations into what they currently are. In Chapter 2, the author argues that INGOs have been unable to learn and...


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