Dey, Pascal & Steyaert, Chris (Ed.): Social Entrepreneurship. An Affirmative Critique. Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2018, pp. 328, £85.50 (Hardback)

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The editors declare from the very beginning that this book ‘endeavors to give an overview of the various critical approaches that can be applied to social entrepreneurship’ (p. xi). In order to illustrate how the critical work of the researchers and academics brought in the last 3 decades new ways of thinking about social entrepreneurship, the editors try to catch in the book as many forms of the social entrepreneurship criticalness, from testing popular ideas and assumptions of social entrepreneurship and its ability to shift what is thinkable and doable to the identification of the moral foundation, the performative effect of language and the denaturalization of the ideological representations of the social entrepreneurship. All these different perspectives that are meant to provide a broader overview of the social entrepreneurship as a significant social phenomenon of the present are based on a common approach—the affirmative critique—governed by respect for the subject and...


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