Dennis R. Young, Elizabeth A. M. Searing, Cassady V. Brewer (Eds.): The Social Enterprise Zoo

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The editors and authors of this book utilize an interesting metaphor to explain the social enterprise phenomena both in policy and in practice. They compare this arena to a zoo, and in doing so, they enumerate several key questions: What belongs in the zoo? How does the zoo function as a system? How is the zoo managed and governed? And finally, how do we measure failure or success of the zoo?

Since the social enterprise world is so vast and diverse, as the editors express: “We adapted the metaphor and paradigm of the zoo because it has provided us with a satisfying middle way between singular notions of social enterprise that fail to capture important aspects of its character and variety, and an unfettered, anything goes approach that fails to realize that policy and social choices do indeed influence the nature of social enterprise from one context to another” (pp. 287–293). The metaphor adequately accommodates an enormous variety by following and placing this diversity in a series of...


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