Sue Kenny, Marilyn Taylor, Jenny Onix and Marjorie Mayo: Challenging the Third Sector: Global Prospects for Active Citizenship

Policy Press, Bristol-Chicago 2017, pp. 248, References, Index, Paperback $45.95
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The authors work in Australian and British Universities and have a background in community development, third sector and active citizenship studies.

The core of the book focuses on the role of the third sector in the promotion of active citizenship in contemporary societies and in the framework of contested neoliberal hegemony. The authors successfully portray the uncertainties around this topic, as well as its extreme importance. They present and analyze the current debate among scholars and practitioners on the meaning of third sector organizations and active citizenship—or citizen agency—without seeking to find resolutions, but rather highlighting existing criticalities and challenges in both the theoretical basis and the empirical research which inform the debate. Cases from Russia, Indonesia, Peru, Uruguay, Sweden, UK, and farther afield in the global landscape are discussed, but specific attention is paid to non-Western experiences and contexts, where cultural patterns,...


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