Victor Pestoff, Taco Brandsen, Bram Verschuere (eds): New Public Governance

The Third Sector, and Co-Production, Routledge, Abingdon, 2012, pp. xvii, 396, index £85.00 (hardback)
  • Liliana Dionísio
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Co-production is a describing concept for a wide set of social relations and ideas—new and old. This is the first conclusion one gets going through the book edited by V. Pestoff, T. Brandsen, and B. Verschuere. It is difficult to provide a sufficiently abstract but operational concept describing the variety of practices and traditions, from the Ostroms studies on co-production in the 1970s to the consequences of the following New Public Management, the subsequent alternative formulation of New Public Governance (NPG) or even the social innovations of democratic deliberation and citizens’ control. The book aims at contributing to a “comprehensive theoretical and systematic empirically orientated understanding of what happens when citizens and/or the third sector are drawn into public service provision and the various aspects of co-production” (pp. 1–2). The thread is the relations between citizens or third sector organizations and public services or government. Framed under NPG, the...

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