David Horton Smith, Robert A. Stebbins and Michael A. Dover (eds): A Dictionary of Nonprofit Terms and Concepts

Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, 2006, 337 pp., includes bibliographic references, $35.00
  • Bruce GurdEmail author
Book Review

A dictionary “essential for anyone in the nonprofit sector” sounds an ambitious and useful resource. The readers of the dictionary are more likely to be students, researchers, or teachers in the area of nonprofits with some readership from larger nonprofits and government. This volume is more than a dictionary for it provides a very extensive bibliography of 68 pages which is useful in its own right. At the very start of the book is a scoping essay of 11 pages which explains the authors’ conceptions of the sector and their aim to move toward a general theory of nonprofits. In doing so they explain their belief in a broad and more inclusive definition of the sector with individual and informal activities drawn in.

In picking up a dictionary the user is often focused on the comprehensiveness of the topics covered and the accuracy of the entries. Indeed, a random search by this user suggests that it is very comprehensive. The list of 1,200 terms and concepts in 10 areas is encompassing....

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