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Implementation of a Moving Target Tracking Algorithm Using Eye-RIS Vision System on a Mobile Robot

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A moving target tracking algorithm is proposed here and implemented on the Anafocus Eye-RIS vision system, which is a compact and modular platform to develop real time image processing applications. The algorithm combines moving-object detection with feature extraction in order to identify the specific target in the environment. The algorithm was tested in a mobile robotics experiment in which a robot, with the Eye-RIS mounted on it, pursued another one representing the moving target, demonstrating its performance and capabilities.

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F.Karabiber was supported by the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey under the Fellowship Program for Phd students. The work at the University of Catania was supported by the EU FP7 project SPARK II.

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Correspondence to Fethullah Karabiber.

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Karabiber, F., Arena, P., Fortuna, L. et al. Implementation of a Moving Target Tracking Algorithm Using Eye-RIS Vision System on a Mobile Robot. J Sign Process Syst 64, 447–455 (2011).

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  • Target tracking
  • Robotic
  • Analog system
  • Segmentation
  • Motion detection