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Image Search with Selective Match Kernels: Aggregation Across Single and Multiple Images


This paper considers a family of metrics to compare images based on their local descriptors. It encompasses the vector or locally aggregated descriptors descriptor and matching techniques such as hamming embedding. Making the bridge between these approaches leads us to propose a match kernel that takes the best of existing techniques by combining an aggregation procedure with a selective match kernel. The representation underpinning this kernel is approximated, providing a large scale image search both precise and scalable, as shown by our experiments on several benchmarks. We show that the same aggregation procedure, originally applied per image, can effectively operate on groups of similar features found across multiple images. This method implicitly performs feature set augmentation, while enjoying savings in memory requirements at the same time. Finally, the proposed method is shown effective for place recognition, outperforming state of the art methods on a large scale landmark recognition benchmark.

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  1. 1.

    This is in contrast to our previous work (Tolias et al. 2013), where we have combined ASMK\(^\star \) with the geometry-based variant.


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This work was supported by ERC Grant Viamass No. 336054 and ANR project Fire-ID.

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Correspondence to Giorgos Tolias.

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Communicated by Riad I. Hammoud, Josef Sivic, Larry S. Davis, Marc Pollefeys.

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  • Image retrieval
  • Match kernels
  • Feature aggregation
  • Feature augmentation
  • Query expansion
  • Place recognition