International Journal of Computer Vision

, Volume 89, Issue 2–3, pp 362–381 | Cite as

Shape Similarity for 3D Video Sequences of People

  • Peng HuangEmail author
  • Adrian Hilton
  • Jonathan Starck


This paper presents a performance evaluation of shape similarity metrics for 3D video sequences of people with unknown temporal correspondence. Performance of similarity measures is compared by evaluating Receiver Operator Characteristics for classification against ground-truth for a comprehensive database of synthetic 3D video sequences comprising animations of fourteen people performing twenty-eight motions. Static shape similarity metrics shape distribution, spin image, shape histogram and spherical harmonics are evaluated using optimal parameter settings for each approach. Shape histograms with volume sampling are found to consistently give the best performance for different people and motions. Static shape similarity is extended over time to eliminate the temporal ambiguity. Time-filtering of the static shape similarity together with two novel shape-flow descriptors are evaluated against temporal ground-truth. This evaluation demonstrates that shape-flow with a multi-frame alignment of motion sequences achieves the best performance, is stable for different people and motions, and overcome the ambiguity in static shape similarity. Time-filtering of the static shape histogram similarity measure with a fixed window size achieves marginally lower performance for linear motions with the same computational cost as static shape descriptors. Performance of the temporal shape descriptors is validated for real 3D video sequence of nine actors performing a variety of movements. Time-filtered shape histograms are shown to reliably identify frames from 3D video sequences with similar shape and motion for people with loose clothing and complex motion.


Temporal shape similarity 3D video Surface motion capture Human motion 


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