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The challenge of education for the veterinary inspector


The aim of this review is to provide an insight into the current state of, and future changes in, veterinary education. At present, Veterinary Inspectors need to have the appropriate education, relevant experience and the ability to carry out their duties in the context of inspections. They should respond to the changes in legislation related to food and to the official control systems and must take into account the Community rules. In effect, there is still a wide diversity among schools in Italy and in Europe, showing that there is an urgent need for harmonization of the veterinary education, in order to have a common basis of knowledge. Moreover, it is important to maintain and update all knowledge by means of the so-called lifelong learning. Along the educational route of the veterinary inspector, many gaps still exist: the entire system of learning should be revised, with the aim of having a well-integrated education system in cooperation with all the figures involved. In this way Veterinary Inspectors will be able to face the new issues posed by society and the globalization of food consumption and will be able to maintain their position in the assurance of food safety.

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