Usefulness of frailty evaluation for handling chronic kidney disease elderly patients: a review and original proposal

  • Marco Ostuni
  • Carlos G. MussoEmail author
Nephrology - Review


There is interdependence between chronic kidney disease (CKD) and ageing whereby CKD makes ageing more accelerated and pronounced, whereas ageing accelerates chronic nephropathy’s progression. Frailty status catalyzes this spiral, with renal and systemic negative consequences, and this condition can currently be documented by applying already validated clinical scores (frailty phenotype) or physical test (gate speed). Although, nephroprevention strategies are similar between young adult and senior CKD patients, standard targets should be adequate to very old and frail elderly individuals. For this purpose, an original algorithm is here proposed to adjust the conventional nephroprevention strategies to the condition of CKD frail patient (more relaxed targets and tighter control), as well as to prescribe anti-frailty interventions to slow patient’s functional decline, hospitalization and mortality.


Chronic kidney disease Nephroprevention Elderly Frailty 


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