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Renal biopsy in the elderly: a single-center experience



Aging population has been increasing worldwide. So the number of elderly patients presenting with kidney disease has also been increasing. In this retrospective study, we assessed biopsy results of elderly patients and their clinical presentations.

Materials and methods

Native renal biopsy results of 98 elderly patients (≥65 years) were analyzed. These 98 patients consisted of 56 males (57.1 %) and 42 females (42.9 %) with a mean age of 70.59 ± 5.31 years (65–88 years).


The clinical presentations of our elderly patients were nephritic syndrome (n = 45), acute kidney injury (n = 35), nephrotic syndrome (n = 33), chronic kidney disease (n = 32) and combined nephritic and nephrotic syndrome (n = 14). In patients with nephritic syndrome, the most common diagnosis was crescentic GN (17.8 % type 3 and 13.3 % types 1 and 2). Crescentic GN was also the most frequent among patients with acute kidney injury (37.1 %), while membranous nephropathy was the major histopathological diagnosis in chronic kidney disease patients. In nephrotic syndrome, the most common histopathological diagnosis was AA amyloidosis. None of the patients had a major life-threatening complication.


Biopsies in the elderly are as safe as in the general population. Renal biopsy should be performed to provide an accurate diagnosis and initiate specific treatment in elderly patients.

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