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Urethral diverticular carcinoma: an overview of current trends in diagnosis and management

  • Kamran AhmedEmail author
  • Ranan Dasgupta
  • Amit Vats
  • Kamal Nagpal
  • Hutan Ashrafian
  • Batul Kaj
  • Thanos Athanasiou
  • Prokar Dasgupta
  • Mohammad Shamim Khan
Urology - Review



To review the management of female urethral diverticular tumours, and rationalize treatment protocols.


A literature search through Medline, Psychoinfo, EMBASE and the Cochrane library from 1951 was performed for all reports and series of urethral diverticular tumours.


A total of one male patient and 75 female patients were reported, with data on demographics, presentation, diagnosis, treatment modalities, recurrence rates and mortality. There is considerable variation in the method of reporting outcomes, and heterogeneity in treatment methods.


There appears to be no current consensus in the management of these rare tumours. There is an urgent need to establish an international registry of rare tumours to help formulate guidelines on management of such tumours. We propose a management algorithm based on the evidence gathered from review of the published literature.


Urethral diverticular cancer Urethral diverticulum Adenocarcinoma Squamous cell cancer 


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