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Estimation of mature live weight using some body measurements in Karya sheep

  • Onur YilmazEmail author
  • Ibrahim Cemal
  • Orhan Karaca
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The aim of this study was to determine models which will be used for the estimation of adult live weights based on some body measurements using multiple regression model in Karya sheep of different age groups. Animal material of the study consisted of a total of 215 Karya sheep. Least squares means for live weight, body length, rump height, withers height, back height, chest depth, chest girth, and chest width of Karya sheep in Adnan Menderes University Group Sheep Breeding Program elite flock and breeder flocks were found as 47.24 kg, 67.08, 68.29, 68.58, 66.97, 30.04, 93.24, and 18.29 cm, respectively. Karya ewes were put into five categories according to ages (2–6 years). High positive phenotypic correlation coefficients were observed between live weight and body measurements of animals in different age groups (2–6 years). Among the formed multiple regression models, the highest coefficients of determination (R 2) were obtained from the models formed for body length or body length and chest girth together (R 2 = 0.79, R 2 = 0.87). It is concluded that live weight of Karya sheep can be estimated with a high accuracy using some body measurements and statistical methods.


Karya Sheep Live weight estimation Body measurements Regression Live weight 


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