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Effect of copper edetate injection in dry pregnant cows on hematology, blood metabolites, weight gain and health of calves


The objectives of the present study was to investigate the effects of the copper injection and injection timing to pregnant dairy cows at dry period on the hematology, some serum metabolites, health and growth of their calves. Thirty Holstein cows at the dry period were assigned to the three following experimental groups: 1) control (injections of 2.5 ml normal saline), 2) test 1 (125 mg Cu as copper edetate injection at the first week of the dry period) and 3) test 2 (125 mg Cu as copper edetate injection at the third week of the dry period). Ten milliliters of jugular blood was taken from all calves 24–48 h after birth and at 7, 14, 21 and 28 days of age for measuring hematological and biochemical parameters. For evaluation of growth and health, body weight of all of the calves was measured at birth and at the end of the trial, and the health of calves was checked by a technician twice a day and any sign of illness, treatment (if needed) and duration of illness was recorded. Copper treatment was proved to have a significant effect on the counts of WBC (lower in test 2, higher in test 1), lymphocyte (lower in test 2, higher in test 1) and the concentrations of fibrinogen (lower in test 1, higher in test 2), cholesterol (lower in control, higher in test 1) and copper (lower in test 1, higher in test 2) (p < 0.05). Age (sampling time) also influenced most measured parameters (p < 0.05) except values of WBC, neutrophil, monocyte, globulin and concentrations of iron, zinc and copper.

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Authors wish to thank Miss Reihaneh Izadifar for her valuable help for the English revision of the manuscript.

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