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Study the Sensitivity of Solid Lubricating Additives to Attapulgite Clay Base Grease

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The focus of this study was the development of a new lubricating grease, using surface-modified attapulgite clay as thickener and synthetic oil (PAO 40) as the base oil. The tribological sensitivity of the new grease was investigated by studying the effect of adding three solid additives [KB3O5, MoS2, graphite and a graphite/MoS2 mixture (mass ratio 3:2)]. Its tribological behavior was compared with that of traditional bentone grease by adding MoS2. The dropping point and the cone penetration of the new grease were also investigated and analyzed. The wear scar diameter of the base grease was measured on an MRS-1 J (G) four-ball tester, and the tribological sensitivity of solid lubricating additives to attapulgite clay base grease was evaluated using an Optimol SRV reciprocating friction and wear tester. The addition of MoS2 and the graphite/MoS2 mixture to the new lubricating grease improved its friction-reducing ability, while the addition of KB3O5 improved its antiwear ability. The additives MoS2 and the graphite/MoS2 mixture also increased the load-carrying capacity of the base grease. The attapulgite clay grease containing MoS2 had a better friction-reducing ability than the traditional bentone grease containing MoS2.

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This work is supported by Hundreds Talent Program of Chinese Academy of Science.

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Correspondence to Yanqiu Xia.

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  • Attapulgite clay
  • Grease
  • Solid lubricant additives
  • Tribological properties