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In Situ Raman Microspectrometry of Lubricated Tribologic Contacts. Part Two: Simultaneous Measurements of Pressure, Lubricant Film Thickness and Temperature Distributions in a Running EHD Contact


Raman micro-spectrometry is used to acquire point spectra in a running EHL contact. The quantitative method developed in part one of this study, measuring the lubricant film thickness, is complemented by a data treatment yielding quantitative values of the pressure and temperature in the lubricant. The comparison between experimentally measured pressure and film thickness distributions and numerical calculations shows an excellent quantitative agreement. The simultaneous quantitative measurement of pressure, film thickness and temperature distribution carried under pure rolling afforded a direct and quantitative correlation between the three parameters.

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The authors acknowledge the financial supports provided by the French Research Department, the CNRS, the Conseil Régional de la Guadeloupe, and the European Social Grant. The authors wish to thank Dr P. VERGNE and the technical team of the LaMCoS from the LaMCos INSA de Lyon, and Mr. H. MANSOT from Mecalandes for the helpful discussions during the designing of the EHL tribometer.

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Correspondence to J. L. Mansot.

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  • Tribology
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Lubricant thickness
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • EHL