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MoS2 Films Formed by In-contact Decomposition of Water-soluble Tetraalkylammonium Thiomolybdates

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Synthesis and tribological evaluation of three tetraalkylammonium thiomolybdate (R4N)2MoS4 (R = methyl, propyl, or ammonia) aqueous-based lubricant additives on a ball-on-disk tribometer was carried out for a steel–aluminum contact. Tests were performed at the same conditions of load, entrainment speed, sliding distance, temperature, and concentration of MoS2 to compare the activity (lubrication effect) of the thiomolybdates prepared. A friction reduction is observed for the three salts compared to pure water; however, significant differences in friction coefficient are observed depending on the alkyl group. SEM/EDAX and Raman analysis of the wear tracks reveal the in-contact formation of a MoS2-lubricating film, rich in molybdenum and sulfur.

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The authors wish to express their sincere thanks to the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT—Projects 46871 and 43634) for the financial support to carry out the present work.

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