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A critique of causality in Islamic philosophy



After the problems of epistemology, the most fundamental problem of Islamic philosophy is that of causality. Causality has been studied from various perspectives. This paper endeavors first to analyze the issues of causality in Islamic philosophy and then to critique them. A sketch is provided of the history of the development of theories of causality in Islamic philosophy, with particular attention to how religious considerations came to determine the shape of the philosophical theories that were accepted. It is suggested that outstanding philosophical and theological problems that have plagued the tradition of Islamic philosophy require a new approach to the issue of causality.


Causality Creation Efficient cause Ex nihilo Ibn Rushd Ibn Sina Islamic philosophy Persistence Teleology 


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  1. 1.Department of Philosophy, The College of Literature and Foreign LanguagesAllameh Tabataba’i UniversitySaadat Abad, TehranI.R. Iran

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