Influence of Sodium and/or Phosphorus Addition on the Deactivation of Cu-FER Zeolites for SCR of NOx with NH3

  • M-L. Tarot
  • F. CanEmail author
  • E. E. Iojoiu
  • V. Lauga
  • X. CourtoisEmail author
Original Paper


This work investigates the effect of sodium and phosphorus on the DeNOx performances of model Cu-FER SCR catalysts with two copper loadings (2.8 wt% and 6.1 wt%). These inorganic elements, present in the Biodiesel fuels and lubricants, were added by wet-impregnation using two solvents: water or ethanol. Catalysts were evaluated in standard-SCR conditions as well as in NO and NH3 oxidation, and characterized by means of H2-TPR and NH3 adsorption monitored by FT-IR. It was evidenced that catalytic behaviors were highly influenced by the implemented impregnation route with a stronger impact of water as solvent. Whatever the studied catalysts, NH3 adsorption capacities decreased after addition of sodium and/or phosphorus. Interestingly, sodium and phosphorus acted differently on the poisoning of NH3 adsorption sites. Na mainly poisoned Brønsted acid sites and favored a back exchange with Cu2+ species (especially when Na was added in water), while phosphorus directly interacted with copper species, mainly in exchange position. The deactivation observed at low temperature (250 °C) was preferentially due to the decrease in NH3 adsorption together with the increase in the copper-phosphorus interaction, especially for copper species in exchange position.


Sodium Phosphorus Biodiesel NH3-SCR Cu exchanged zeolite Deactivation 



The authors acknowledge financial support from the European Union (ERDF), “Région Nouvelle Aquitaine” and the French National Agency for Research (ANR Appibio Project, Ref. ANR-14-CE22-0003).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.IC2MP (UMR 7285)Université de PoitiersPoitiers Cedex 9France
  2. 2.Renault Trucks -Volvo Group Trucks TechnologySaint-Priest CedexFrance

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