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Ozone as an Enabler for Low Temperature Methane Control Over a Current Production Fe-BEA Catalyst

  • M. KeenanEmail author
  • J. Nicole
  • D. Poojary
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A process has been developed to oxidise methane at low temperatures in an excess oxygen environment using ozone as the oxidant. Ozone being more reactive than oxygen allows low temperature methane control. A range of catalysts have been screened and a commercially available current production Fe-BEA catalyst, from an automotive application has shown excellent potential for methane control with ozone in the feed, leading to a peak conversion efficiency of 81% at 168 °C in the absence of H2O and 60% conversion at 220 °C in the presence of H2O.


Ozone Methane Low temperature Fe-BEA 


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  1. 1.Ricardo UKShoreham by SeaUK
  2. 2.Ricardo Inc.Santa ClaraUSA

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