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Effect of the Presence of Ceria in the NSR Catalyst on the Hydrothermal Resistance and Global DeNOx Performance of Coupled LNT–SCR Systems

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The global performance of coupled LNT–SCR systems, addressed to high NOx-to-N2 conversion, minimal ammonia slip and null N2O production, as well as the hydrothermal resistance of single NSR and SCR monolith catalysts and their coupling is discussed. Pt–Ba/Al2O3 and Pt–Ce–Ba/Al2O3 were washcoated on cordierite monoliths as NSR catalysts, and Cu/CHA was washcoated on similar monoliths as SCR catalysts. Both monoliths were coupled in two subsequent reactors to conform the LNT–SCR system. Previously to washcoating, the fresh powder catalysts and after severe hydrothermal aging were fully characterized by N2 adsorption–desorption isotherms at 77 K, X-ray diffraction, NH3 temperature-programmed desorption, and H2 chemisorption to relate textural and chemical characteristics with the DeNOx performance. The Cu/CHA catalyst shows an excellent hydrothermal resistance for the NH3–SCR reaction. Incorporation of ceria to the model Pt–BaO/Al2O3is beneficial for the NO-to-NOx oxidation and NO2 storage, improving NO conversion at low temperature and reducing the NH3 slip. However, addition of ceria is detrimental for the hydrothermal resistance of the NSR catalyst. However, this detrimental effect is minimized when the NSR catalyst is coupled with the Cu/CHA monolith downstream of the NSR catalyst, achieving the coupled LNT–SCR device high NO conversion and minimal NH3 slip with superior N2 selectivity for an extended temperature windows, including as low as 220 °C, and maintaining performance even after severe hydrothermal aging.

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The support from the Economy and Competitiveness Spanish Ministry (CTQ2009-12517 and CTQ2015-67597 MINECO-FEDER) and the Basque Government (IT657-13) and the University of the Basque Country are acknowledged.

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  • NOx storage and reduction
  • Cu/chabazite
  • NH3–SCR
  • Hydrothermal aging
  • Coupling NSR–SCR