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, Volume 60, Issue 1–2, pp 83–109 | Cite as

Methane Oxidation over Palladium: On the Mechanism in Fuel-Rich Mixtures at High Temperatures

  • H. Stotz
  • L. Maier
  • O. DeutschmannEmail author
Original Paper


A kinetic modeling study on methane oxidation over reduced Pd for various fuel-rich conditions around the stoichiometric point of the partial oxidation at high temperatures (900–1100 K) is presented. A thermodynamically consistent detailed surface reaction mechanism is developed within the mean field approximation. The proposed kinetic model consists of 54 elementary-step based reactions including seven gas-phase species and 15 surface intermediates. Three different methane activation paths are implemented, comprising pyrolytic C–H bond dissociation steps, oxygen-assisted and dual-oxygen-assisted CH4 activation. In situ experimental measurements in a quasi-autothermally operated flow reactor, using the capillary sampling technique, are performed for model evaluation. The provided experimental data includes spatially resolved temperature and concentration profiles within a single catalytic channel of a Pd/Al2O3-coated monolith. Supplementary numerical simulations based on literature data for fuel-lean and fuel-rich conditions at high temperatures extend the model’s capability to predict a wide range of different experimental conditions.


Catalytic methane oxidation Palladium In situ measurements Surface reaction mechanism Microkinetic modeling 



Open width of square channel (m)


Active catalytic surface area (m2)


Cross-sectional area of square channel (m2)


Geometric surface area (m2)


Pre-exponential factor of forward direction in step k (mol, cm, s)


Pre-exponential factor of reaction step k (mol, cm, s)


Pre-exponential factor for an adsorption reaction in step k (mol, cm, s)


Initial pre-exponential factor (mol, cm, s)


Perturbed pre-exponential factor (mol, cm, s)


Pre-exponential factor of reverse direction in step k (mol, cm, s)


Equilibrium concentration of species i (mol/m3)


Concentration of species i at channel-washcoat interface (mol/m3)


Reference concentration for species i (mol, cm)


Mean molar specific heat capacity of surface species i (J/mol-K)


Mean particle size for palladium (m)


Diameter of circular channel (m)


Mixture averaged diffusivity of species i in mixture M (m2/s)


Catalyst dispersion for palladium


Effective diffusivity of species i in the washcoat (m2/s)


Second Damköhler-number of species i


Activation energy of reaction step k (J/mol)


Activation energy of forward direction in step k (J/mol)


Activation energy of reverse direction in step k (J/mol)


Ratio of catalytic to geometric surface area


Molar specific Gibbs free energy of species i (J/mol)


Molar specific Gibbs free energy of species i at reference conditions (J/mol)


Mixture specific enthalpy of gas-phase (J/kg)


Planck’s constant (J-s)


Specific enthalpy of species i (J/kg)


Molar specific enthalpy of species i (J/mol)


Species indices


Radial diffusive flux (kg/m2-s)


Reaction indices


Boltzmann’s constant (J/K)


Forward rate constant of setp k (mol, cm, s)


Reverse rate constant of step k (mol, cm, s)


Pseudo first-order rate constant (mol/kg-s-Pa)


Concentration based equilibrium constant of reaction step k (mol, cm)


Total number of surface reactions


Length of catalytic monolith/channel (m)


Length of catalytic foil (m)


Monolitic catalyst loading for palladium (kg/m3)


Monolitic washcoat loading (kg/m3)


Molecular weight of species i (kg/mol)


Molecular weight of palladium (kg/mol)


Mixture averaged molecular weight (kg/mol)


Molecularity of reaction step k


Number of channels


Total number of gas-phase species


Total number of surface species


Pressure (Pa)


Partial pressure of species i (Pa)


Inlet pressure of catalytic channel (Pa)


Standard state pressure (Pa)


Concentration based reaction quotient of step k (mol, cm)


Reference concentration based reaction quotient of step k (mol, cm)


Radial channel coordinate (m)


Rate of reaction on surface of step k (mol/m2-s)


Channel radius (m)


Universal gas-constant (J/mol-K)


Reynold’s number based on channel length L


Repeat distance of monolith cell (m)


Initial sticking coefficient


Molar rate of production/consumption of species i (mol/m2-s)


Pore transport corrected molar rate of production/consumption of species i (mol/m2-s)


Activation entropy of reaction step k (J/mol-K)


Molar specific entropy of species i (J/mol-K)


Sensitivity coefficient of reaction step k for species i


Normalized sensitivity coefficient of step k for species i


Schmidt’s number


Time (s)


Temperature (K)


Gas-phase temperature (K)


Inlet temperature of catalytic channel (K)


Reference temperature (K)


Standard state temperature (K)

\(T_{{_{\text{ad}} }}^{{^{\text{out}} }}\)

Adiabatic outlet temperature (K)

\(T_{{_{ \exp } }}^{{^{\text{in}} }}\)

Experimentally measured channel inlet temperature (K)

\(T_{{_{ \exp } }}^{{^{\text{out}} }}\)

Experimentally measured channel outlet temperature (K)


Axial velocity component (m/s)


Channel inlet velocity (m/s)


Radial velocity component (m/s)


Volume of a single channel (m3)


Standard state volume flow (m3/s)


Weight fraction of palladium on catalyst (%)


Initial mole fraction of species i


Mole fraction of species i after pertubation


Mass-fraction of species i in gas-phase


Axial channel coordiante (m)


Reversibility of reaction step k


Parameter for temperature dependence on pre-exponential factor


Surface site density of palladium (mol/m2)


Wall thickness (m)


Average washcoat thickness (m)


Effective washcoat thickness (m)


Gibbs free energy of reaction step k (J/mol)


Heat of reaction step k (J/mol)


Entropy of reaction step k (J/mol-K)


Perturbation parameter


Parameter for coverage dependent activation energy (J/mol)


Washcoat porosity


Washcoat effectiveness factor


Washcoat effectiveness factor of species i


Thermal reactor efficiency


External effectiveness factor of species i


Surface coverage of species i


Reference surface coverage of species i


Mixture heat conductivity


Mixture dynamic viscosity


Stoichiometric coefficient species i in reaction step k


Stoichiometric coefficient species i in forward step k


Stoichiometric coefficient species i in backward step k


Density (kg/m3)


Average washcoat density (kg/m3)


Site occupation number of species i


Thiele modulus of species i


Name of species i



The authors deeply thank Prof. G. Groppi, Prof. A. Beretta and Prof. M. Maestri from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) for fruitful discussions and Dr. S. Colussi from Università di Udine (Italy) for sharing data on PdO–Pd transformation. Furthermore, the authors acknowledge Dr. C. Antinori and A. Ünal from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) for technical support during in situ profile measurements. Financial support by the Helmholtz Research School Energy Related Catalysis is gratefully acknowledged. The authors also thank Dr. M. Votsmeier from UMICORE AG & Co KG for providing the catalyst.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer ChemistryKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)KarlsruheGermany
  2. 2.Institute for Catalysis Research and TechnologyKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)KarlsruheGermany

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