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Impact of Test Conditions on the Oxygen Storage Capacity of Pd Loaded Cerium Zirconium Oxide

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An alternative method to determine the oxygen storage capacity (OSC) for powder materials is proposed in the current work. Dynamic and static OSC measurements were conducted at 510 °C using a thermally aged Pd loaded cerium zirconium oxide (30 wt% ceria, 1 wt% Pd). Particularly the influence of water and carbon dioxide in the gas feed on OSC determination was studied. The results demonstrate that the absence of H2O/CO2 and a static test procedure lead to overrated oxygen storage capacities. The method proposed here provides a simple, but not oversimplified method to determine the oxygen storage capacity under conditions closer to real applications by imitating the transient working mode of a gasoline engine and paying more attention to the exhaust gas composition.

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The authors gratefully thank Dr. Barry van Setten and Frank Diekmann from Umicore AG and Co. KG. for their help with the automation of the experimental setup.

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  • OSC determination
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