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Synthesis of Camphene by α-Pinene Isomerization Using W2O3–Al2O3 Catalysts


W2O3–Al2O3 catalysts prepared by “sol–gel” and impregnation methods were characterised by XRD, FTIR and nitrogen adsorption. Both catalysts were tested in the isomerization of α-pinene in a batch reactor at atmospheric pressure and 150 °C. Conversion of α-pinene and selectivity to camphene was superior for the “sol–gel” catalyst than that observed for the impregnated catalyst.

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We thank Conacyt for the financial support given to this project. A. Mantilla thanks Conacyt for scholarship support.

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Correspondence to Ricardo Gómez.

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Tzompantzi, F., Valverde, M., Pérez, A. et al. Synthesis of Camphene by α-Pinene Isomerization Using W2O3–Al2O3 Catalysts. Top Catal 53, 1176–1178 (2010).

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  • α-Pinene
  • Isomerization
  • Solid-acid catalyst
  • Camphene
  • Tungsten alumina catalysts