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Multi-level Modeling of Silica–Template Interactions During Initial Stages of Zeolite Synthesis

  • Toon Verstraelen
  • Bartłomiej M. Szyja
  • David Lesthaeghe
  • Reinout Declerck
  • Veronique Van Speybroeck
  • Michel Waroquier
  • Antonius P. J. Jansen
  • Alexander Aerts
  • Lana R. A. Follens
  • Johan A. Martens
  • Christine E. A. Kirschhock
  • Rutger A. van Santen
Original Paper


Zeolite synthesis is driven by structure-directing agents, such as tetrapropyl ammonium ions (TPA+) for Silicalite-1 and ZSM-5. However, the guiding role of these organic templates in the complex assembly to highly ordered frameworks remains unclear, limiting the prospects for advanced material synthesis. In this work, both static ab initio and dynamic classical modeling techniques are employed to provide insight into the interactions between TPA+ and Silicalite-1 precursors. We find that as soon as the typical straight 10-ring channel of Silicalite-1 or ZSM-5 is formed from smaller oligomers, the TPA+ template is partially squeezed out of the resulting cavity. Partial retention of the template in the cavity is, however, indispensable to prevent collapse of the channel and subsequent hydrolysis.


Zeolites TPA template Structure-directing agent ZSM-5 Silicalite-1 Precursors Nucleation Molecular dynamics Density functional theory 



Calculations have been carried out in the Wrocław Centre of Networking and Supercomputing (PWr), in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (TU/e) and at the Center for Molecular Modeling (UGent). Software used for simulations was Cerius2, Materials Studio, Gaussian03, Zeobuilder, CP2K and MD-TRACKS. DL, RD, MW, VVS, AA, JAM and CEAK acknowledge support from the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders (FWO-Vlaanderen), ESA and the Belgian Prodex office. TV also acknowledges the Institute for the Promotion of Innovation through Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT-Vlaanderen) for funding this strategic basic research (SBO).


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  • Toon Verstraelen
    • 1
  • Bartłomiej M. Szyja
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  • David Lesthaeghe
    • 1
  • Reinout Declerck
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  • Veronique Van Speybroeck
    • 1
  • Michel Waroquier
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  • Antonius P. J. Jansen
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  • Alexander Aerts
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  • Lana R. A. Follens
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  • Johan A. Martens
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  • Christine E. A. Kirschhock
    • 5
  • Rutger A. van Santen
    • 2
  1. 1.Center for Molecular ModelingGhent UniversityGhentBelgium
  2. 2.Department of Chemical Engineering and ChemistryEindhoven University of TechnologyEindhovenThe Netherlands
  3. 3.Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Fuels Chemistry and TechnologyWrocław University of TechnologyWrocławPoland
  4. 4.The Boston Consulting GroupBrusselsBelgium
  5. 5.K. U. Leuven, Centre for Surface Chemistry and CatalysisLeuvenBelgium

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