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Experimental results concerning the role of Pt, Rh, Ba, Ce and Al2O3 on NO x -storage catalyst behaviour

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NO x -storage catalysts (NSC) with varied washcoat compositions have been investigated experimentally under lean and rich conditions. Besides the fact that Ba and Rh are essential for NO x -storage and -reduction, it was observed that Ba accelerates the NO-reduction and decreases NO-oxidation kinetics. It also turned out to be the promoting species regarding water gas shift reaction. The results revealed kinetic inhibition effects by CO, C3H6 and NO, being less pronounced with Ba in the washcoat. It is further shown that the cyclic NOx-conversion of the NSC is mainly determined by the processes in the regeneration phase.

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Schmeißer, V., de Riva Pérez, J., Tuttlies, U. et al. Experimental results concerning the role of Pt, Rh, Ba, Ce and Al2O3 on NO x -storage catalyst behaviour. Top Catal 42, 15–19 (2007). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11244-007-0143-9

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  • NSC
  • NO x reduction
  • NO x storage
  • washcoat
  • kinetic measurement