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Supported catalysts based on 2,6-bis(imino)pyridyl complex of Fe(II): DRIFTS study of the catalyst formation and data on ethylene polymerization

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The supported catalysts for ethylene polymerization were prepared by interaction of 2,6-bis[1-(2,6-dimetilphenylimino)-ethyl]pyridineiron(II) dichloride (LFeCl2) with silica and alumina. The catalysts exhibit high and stable activity at ethylene polymerization in presence of Al(i-Bu)3 as co-catalyst. LFeCl2 interaction with surface functional groups of the supports was studied by means of DRIFTS. LFeCl2 adsorbed on the support surface mainly retains its structure. LFeCl2 is strongly bounded to the support due to formation of multiple bonds between LFeCl2 and surface functional groups of the supports. DRIFTS data on the state of the surface iron compounds have been obtained using CO as probe molecule.

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Semikolenova, N.V., Zakharov, V.A., Paukshtis, E.A. et al. Supported catalysts based on 2,6-bis(imino)pyridyl complex of Fe(II): DRIFTS study of the catalyst formation and data on ethylene polymerization. Top Catal 32, 77–82 (2005). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11244-005-9262-3

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  • 2,6-bis(imino)pyridyl complexes of iron(II)
  • supported catalysts
  • ethylene polymerization
  • DRIFT spectroscopy