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Dinuclear 3D metal complexes based on a carbacylamidophosphate ligand: redetermination of the ligand crystal structure


Dinuclear Ni(II), Co(II) and Zn(II) complexes of general formula \( \left[ {{\text{M}}_{ 2}^{\text{II}} {\text{Cl}}_{ 4} \left( {\text{HL}} \right)_{ 4} \left( {\text{i-PrOH}} \right)_{ 2} \cdot 2\left( {\text{i-PrOH}} \right)} \right] \) with a carbacylamidophosphate ligand, namely 2,2,2-trichloro-N-(dipiperidine-1-yl-phosphoryl)acetamide (CCl3C(O)N(H)P(O)[N(CH2)5]2), were synthesized and characterized by physicochemical and spectroscopic methods. Electronic absorption spectra of the nickel and cobalt complexes were measured at room temperature in toluene and in the solid state. The crystal structures of HL and [Ni2Cl4(HL)4(i-PrOH)2·2(i-PrOH)] have been determined by single-crystal XRD studies. Earlier, the structure of a monoclinic C2/c modification of HL was reported. In this paper, redetermination of the structure of HL with triclinic crystal system, P\( \overline{1} \), was made. The nickel complex is a chloro-bridged dimer, in which the Ni(II) centers are in a distorted octahedral geometry and the neutral HL is coordinated via its phosphoryl oxygen atom. This coordination mode was determined for the first time for 3D metal carbacylamidophosphate complexes.

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The authors wish to thank Illia Guralskyi, Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, CNRS, Toulouse, France, for several useful discussions. The authors would also like to thank V. Dorofeeva, Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, for her assistance in the preparation of this manuscript.

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Correspondence to Olena O. Litsis.

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  • Phosphoryl
  • Anti Conformation
  • Phosphoryl Oxygen
  • Chlorido
  • Electronic Diffuse Reflectance Spectrum