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Synthesis, characterization, DNA binding properties, and biological activities of a mixed ligand copper(II) complex of ofloxacin


A mixed ligand coordination compound of copper with ofloxacin (oflo) and phenanthroline (phen) has been synthesized and characterized by means of X-ray single crystal diffraction and spectroscopic methods. Structural features of the coordination compound are described. CD and CV studies of the interactions of the title complex with calf thymus DNA (CT-DNA) show that the complex can bind to CT-DNA by intercalation and electrostatic binding modes. Antibacterial activities of the title compound, a Cu–oflo complex reported earlier and free oflo have been studied against different microorganisms. Both copper complexes enhance the antibacterial activities of the quinolone drugs. The inhibitory effect of the three compounds on two cancer cell lines was measured and the results indicate that the title complex has strongest inhibitory effect.

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Correspondence to Chang-Yun Chen or Quan-Zhan Chen.

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Chang-Yun Chen and Quan-Zhan Chen contributed equally to this work.

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Chen, C., Chen, Q., Wang, X. et al. Synthesis, characterization, DNA binding properties, and biological activities of a mixed ligand copper(II) complex of ofloxacin. Transition Met Chem 34, 757–763 (2009).

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