Transition Metal Chemistry

, Volume 30, Issue 5, pp 601–604

Biophysical and biochemical investigation on the binding of a manganese–cyanonitrosyl complex with DNA



The interaction of a cyanonitrosyl–manganate complex with DNA has been studied by u.v.–vis spectroscopy, circular dichroism, fluorescence and gel electrophoresis techniques. As the DNA 260 nm band remained insensitive to interaction, the interaction ratio was determined by monitoring the CN→ Mn LMCT band observed at 222 nm, and the interaction ratio was found to be in the complex (D): DNA (P)=1:0.30 from the spectrophotometric titration. The above-mentioned physical measurements indicate that the binding mode is not intercalative and the cyanonitrosyl system is a groove binder.


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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryJadavpur UniversityKolkataIndia

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