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Antiferromagnetic coupling in [Mn12O12(O2CMe)6(p-CO2-phenyl nitronyl

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The synthesis of [Mn12O12(O2CMe)6(p-CO2-phenyl nitronyl nitroxide)10(H2O)4]· 4H2O, (1), by direct replacement of some of the acetate groups in [Mn12O12(O2CMe)16(H2O)4] · 4H2O · 2MeCO2H, (2), with the organic radical p-HO2C-phenyl nitronyl nitroxide, (3), is reported. E.p.r. spectra show exchange narrowing in (1) due to coupling between the manganese ions and radicals. The isotropic hyperfine splitting constant from the manganese ions is a = 96 Oe at 5.5K. The magnetic susceptibility indicates antiferromagnetic exchange interactions between the manganese ions and the radicals with the Weiss constant θ = -25 K. The spin was determined to be S = 6 from magnetization data in the 2--30 K temperature range at 50 kOe, suggesting a mixture of ground state with excited states.

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  • 4H2O
  • Manganese
  • Excited State
  • Magnetic Susceptibility
  • Exchange Interaction