Transport in Porous Media

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The Onset of Double-Diffusive Convection in a Superposed Fluid and Porous Layer Under High-Frequency and Small-Amplitude Vibrations

  • T. P. LyubimovaEmail author
  • E. A. Kolchanova


We numerically simulate the initiation of an average convective flow in a system composed of a horizontal binary fluid layer overlying a homogeneous porous layer saturated with the same fluid under gravitational field and vibration. In the layers, fixed equilibrium temperature and concentration gradients are set. The layers execute high-frequency oscillations in the vertical direction. The vibration period is small compared with characteristic timescales of the problem. The averaging method is applied to obtain vibrational convection equations. Using for computation the shooting method, a numerical investigation is carried out for an aqueous ammonium chloride solution and packed glass spheres saturated with the solution. The instability threshold is determined under two heating conditions—on heating from below and from above. When the solution is heated from below, the instability character changes abruptly with increasing solutal Rayleigh number, i.e., there is a jump-wise transition from the most dangerous shortwave perturbations localized in the fluid layer to the long-wave perturbations covering both layers. The perturbation wavelength increases by almost 10 times. Vibrations significantly stabilize the fluid equilibrium state and lead to an increase in the wavelength of its perturbations. When the fluid with the stabilizing concentration gradient is heated from below, convection can occur not only in a monotonous manner but also in an oscillatory manner. The frequency of critical oscillatory perturbations decreases by 10 times, when the long-wave instability replaces the shortwave instability. When the fluid is heated from above, only stationary convection is excited over the entire range of the examined parameters. A lower monotonic instability level is associated with the development of perturbations with longer wavelength even at a relatively large fluid layer thickness. Vibrations speed up the stationary convection onset and lead to a decrease in the wavelength of most dangerous perturbations of the motionless equilibrium state. In this case, high enough amplitudes of vibration are needed for a remarkable change in the stability threshold. The results of numerical simulation show good agreement with the data of earlier works in the limiting case of zero fluid layer thickness.


Double-diffusive convection Porous medium Superposed fluid and porous layers Binary fluid High-frequency vibrations Theoretical relationships bimodal neutral curves 



Funding was provided by President of Russian Federation, Program of the support of Leading Scientific Schools of Russian Federation (Grant No.NSh-9176.2016.1).


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  3. 3.Perm National Research Polytechnic UniversityPermRussia

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